Support to micro entrepreneurs

We believe that micro-entrepreneurs are the backbone of a successful economy, one that relies on solidarity and a sense of community cohesion. The cornerstone of our methodology is therefore about identifying the young entrepreneurs, building their capacities and supporting them as they shape their social enterprises.

Incubation is the name of the game, the object being to support the start-up and growth of a young individual who shows an appetite to entrepreneurship. Incubation can be in-house in some cases, depending on the size of the project and its relevance to a local economy. It can also take the form of a virtual incubator, whereby support is extended off-site, on location of the enterprise-to-be. This is the most common approach as it can be fast-tracked, though in many instances a combination of approaches turns to be the case.

Sagittaire Invest delivers support in a number of ways, among them the business, corporate, training, marketing and legal needs of an enterprise in start-up phase. Occasionally, we extend financial support to an exceptional entrepreneur on the basis of an innovative business plan and a feasible timeline.