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Sagittaire Invest is a company that invests in people, believing that big ideas are brought by micro enterpreneurs. It aims at sustaining efforts borne by individuals, helping to bring their ideas to fruition, and their projects to the light. From counseling to development, from concept to marketing, the company accompanies innovators with a research-and-development approach to build their ideas. Sagittaire Invest is a virtual incubator that nurtures champions across multiple interrelated fields.

Based in Caluire in France, our firm specialized in the conceptualization, implementation and management of programs. With a social mission, Sagittaire Invest takes part in actions that are governed by third-party organizations and invests in the conception of projects in the sectors of health, education and support to micro enterprises. Founded by Raif Shwayri, the company brings together experts from all the different fields of socioeconomic development.


Sagittaire Invest aims to build the capacity of young entrepreneurs in emergent countries by investing in programs that uphold the right to free education and gainful work, while leading the way for innovative and socially conscious enterprises.


To participate in the advancement of a social economy where development is achieved by the local populations in observance of environmental respect, financial sustainability and social equity.


Sagittaire Invest delivers consulting services to support existing programs as well as to initiate new ones, to private organizations or government agencies. Our expertise...

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The consulting activities we undertake are done with the intention of implementing, whether we advance to that stage or not. In other words, the conclusions...

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Support to micro entrepreneurs

We believe that micro-entrepreneurs are the backbone of a successful economy, one that relies on solidarity and a sense...

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Our consultants

“… teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”

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We are always on the lookout for young experts with a specific specialty in development.
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